The Golden Car Syndrome

golden car

I just noticed my city is full of golden cars! It is! I see at least eight pr day.

About a year ago we started a trend: You pinch the ass of your companion whenever you see a gold-coloured car in the street. It covers caps, trucks and parked cars but you can’t save those you see on your own for later.

It’s actually our childhoods’ tradition with punching the shoulder when you see a yellow car, we just made it sweet.

After looking around the corner of every street for a year, i started seeing golden cars everywhere! Seriously. I often think “Sure there must be a golden car around here somewhere.” And there it is! Right around the next corner!

Were they always there? The amount of golden cars have not increased that much in a year! No way. The reason i see so many golden cars is because i want them to be there so i pay attention to them. 

All these cars make me wonder if it’s like that with everything in life.

Sure it is!

There’s nothing so special about golden cars that makes their appearance basically different from the appearance of free ice-cream, smiles or reasons to shout ‘hooray!’

So i made a new trend with myself. Let me know if you’re in! I’m collecting yeses. Each time i get a YES, i celebrate by pinching my own ass. Or shouting Hooray!!

You can collect anything you want, and i guarantee you; it’ll appear everywhere!

Go out, look for your golden cars and pinch your arm if you experience something you wouldn’t believe possible! 😉



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